Fiscal Responsibility

Over 13 years as a County Commissioner, Barbara has a proven track record as a fiscal conservative. In her time on the Commission, Weld is the only county in the state with no debt, no county sales tax, and actually has given a refund back to taxpayers year after year.

That’s the kind of fiscal responsibility we need in Washington.

2nd Amendment

In Colorado, the right to keep and bear arms is more than just a slogan; it is a part of our culture. Barbara helped draft and pass a resolution in support of Weld County Sheriff John Cooke’s efforts to oppose the egregious anti-gun legislation imposed by the Colorado Legislature. Barbara strongly supports the 2nd Amendment, without compromise.

Defending the Right to Life

Standing up for the unborn means more than just making speeches. As a County Commissioner, Barbara voted to ban the Plan B abortion bill, and has been a proud and consistent supporter of the Personhood movement, unambiguously defending life from conception.

Protecting our Energy Resources

In Colorado, we are blessed with an abundance of oil and natural gas that have the potential to be a huge boon to our economy. Unfortunately, radical environmentalists and the EPA have put up roadblock after roadblock to try to stifle our energy sector. Barbara has been a strong advocate for fracking, and enthusiastically supports the further exploration for oil and gas in Colorado.

Health Care

Colorado families have been hammered by ObamaCare, and Barbara will go to Washington, DC and fight to get rid of this costly program that has hurt our state. Thousands of families have seen their plans cancelled, while thousands more have fewer options and higher premiums and deductibles. ObamaCare has been a disaster, and it must be repealed. In Congress, Barbara will fight for real health care reform, that puts families in control of their own health care decisions, and does not put bureaucrats in between patients and doctors.



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