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Candidate Renews Commitment to Party Activists, Withdraws Name from
Assembly Nomination Process

Greeley, CO – Weld County Commissioner and Candidate for Congress, Barbara Kirkmeyer, addressed the 4th Congressional District Republican Assembly today, meeting with delegates and talking about why she is running for Congress.

“When I announced on Caucus Night my candidacy to represent you in Congress, I said that I wanted voters to have a choice,” said Kirkmeyer. “No one, neither here in Colorado or in Washington, DC, has a right to dictate to the voters of the 4th Congressional District who will represent them, and I think it is important to give voters as many options as possible when making this important decision.”

Kirkmeyer spoke about her background as a 4th generation Coloradan, her experience as a small business owner and as a dairy farmer.

“We all know the vital role that agriculture plays in the 4th Congressional District. The economic driver of our community is fueled by the family farmers in Weld County and across the eastern plains. I understand agriculture better than anyone in this race. I was raised on a dairy farm, and I raised my kids on a dairy farm. In Congress, I’ll fight for agriculture and take on the radical groups who are attempting to put us out of business.”

Kirkmeyer also spoke of her serious concern with the growing national debt promising to take Weld County common sense to Washington, DC.

“In Weld County, we balance our budgets. We don’t have any debt, and in fact, we return money to the taxpayers every year. Meanwhile, our representatives in Washington, DC have racked up nearly 18 trillion dollars in debt, which will be the responsibility of our kids and our grandkids, like the two I have up on stage with me,” said Kirkmeyer, referring to grandsons Preston and Paxton.

Kirkmeyer concluded that she would be removing her name from nomination, citing the 1600 signatures that she submitted after an all-volunteer, district-wide effort.

“Elections should be about choices, and I want voters to have as many choices as possible in our Republican primary. Therefore, due to the fact that we have already qualified for the ballot, I respectfully decline to have my name placed in nomination, and release my delegates to vote how they choose,” said Kirkmeyer.




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Barbara Kirkmeyer

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Barbara Kirkmeyer

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Barbara Kirkmeyer

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Barbara Kirkmeyer