Barb Kirkmeyer

About Barb Kirkmeyer

As a 4th generation Coloradan who has lived in southern Weld County for over 35 years, Barb Kirkmeyer is Colorado tough. Both as a State Senator and Weld County Commissioner, Barb has a record of delivering results for her community.


In her first year as a state senator, Barb passed 17 bills to promote economic and personal freedom and improve Coloradans’ safety, in spite of the Democrats’ advantage in the chamber. She was acknowledged by Colorado Politics as a notable legislator who “ debated like a statehouse veteran, not a first-year back bencher.”


Senator Kirkmeyer currently serves on the Senate Education, Senate Health and Human Services and Senate Local Government Committees. She was also appointed to the Statutory Revisions Committee, where she serves as Chair of the Public-School Finance Interim Committee, and vice chair of the Early Childhood and School Readiness Interim Committee.


As a Weld County Commissioner, Kirkmeyer pursued a strong conservative agenda, leaving Weld County as Colorado’s only large, debt-free county. She also helped coordinate an effort to make Weld County a Second Amendment sanctuary from liberal assaults on gun rights. Barb has previously co-owned and operated a dairy farm, was a small business owner for 15 years, and served in Governor Owens’ cabinet as the acting executive director of the Department of Local Affairs.


Kirkmeyer graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in physical education. Both her daughters graduated from Weld County schools and live with their families in southern Weld County. When not involved in legislative related business, Kirkmeyer enjoys volunteering and spending time with her family, including her six grandsons.

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