Barb Kirkmeyer

Spending and Inflation

Barb has always been a strong fiscal conservative and steward of your tax dollars. As Weld County Commissioner, Barb led the effort to make Weld County the only large debt-free county in the entire state. Because of Barb’s efforts, Weld County was awarded the “gold standard” for controlling spending.

Yadira Caraveo supports Washington liberals’ out-of-control spending that has caused the highest rate of inflation in forty years.

Barb Kirkmeyer knows inflation is hurting Colorado working families and will work to reduce the cost of living by cutting taxes, runaway government spending, and reining in costly regulations that drive up energy, health care, and housing costs.

Caraveo has voted for costly new regulations on energy, housing, and groceries. She even voted for a gas tax increase and new taxes on deliveries, such as Amazon and DoorDash!


Barb has spent her entire career supporting American energy workers and American energy independence. She knows how important Colorado oil and gas is to our community and will fight any efforts to destroy this economic engine.


Barb has the support of law enforcement officials and organizations across Colorado because she fights the liberals’ anti-police policies that put criminals first and victims last.

At a time of skyrocketing crime, Yadira Caraveo backs “cashless bail” legislation that would put more law breakers back on the streets. She even voted to reduce prison sentences for the highest class of felony murder to as few as 16 years, instead of sentencing convicted murderers to life without parole.

Barb has led the fight in the Colorado State Senate to get fentanyl off Colorado’s streets, lock up drug dealers, and put an end to the cartel's trafficking.

Yadira Caraveo cosponsored legislation “defelonizing” fentanyl possession – even if the individual possesses enough fentanyl to kill thousands of people.

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