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Barbara Kirkmeyer & Dan Woog: It’s time for a change in Colorado’s energy policy

Apr 12, 2022

Colorado’s energy policy is hurting our economy, it’s time for a change.

Over the past few years, Coloradans have watched as policies passed by Democrats in the General Assembly have decimated the oil and natural gas industry in Colorado and raised the already high cost of living for our state. As Republicans, we believe affordable energy and energy independence are goals worth striving for, and we have a plan to succeed.

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14 Oct, 2022
Four Democratic candidates running in crucial congressional races across the country were part of a coalition of lawmakers that in September 2021 urged President Joe Biden to take the radical steps of defunding all border enforcement agencies and giving mass amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants in the United States. The letter, obtained by the Washington Free Beacon, features over 700 signatories from Democrats in myriad states ranging from Arizona to Wisconsin...  ...Colorado Republicans believe they have an opportunity to leverage the border crisis against Democrats in the weeks before Election Day. In a statement to the Free Beacon, Colorado GOP executive director Joe Jackson said the September 2021 letter provides a clear contrast on the issue. "The fact that Yadira Caraveo supports abolishing ICE proves that she is an extremist more interested in promoting a far-left agenda than in keeping citizens of the Eighth Congressional District safe," he said. "The open border policies supported by Joe Biden and Yadira Caraveo have brought dangerous drugs to our state and have created a devastating humanitarian and security crisis on our southern border." The campaigns of Caraveo, Pettersen, and Nickel did not respond to requests for comment. Click here to read the entire article.
26 Sep, 2022
Hispanic Voters Embrace Kirkmeyer’s Colorado Tough Message and Proven Record of Fighting for Working Class Families
13 Sep, 2022
Colorado Tough Candidate Earns Overwhelming Support from Mayors Across New District
16 Jun, 2022
Whether a candidate has experience, alone, should not be a deciding factor in whether to elect him or her to office. But when that experience is accompanied by a record of conservative accomplishments and successes, it sure should. That is why I am endorsing Barb Kirkmeyer for Congress .
31 May, 2022
The battle for Colorado’s newly created 8th Congressional District will be watched as closely in Washington, D.C., as in the Centennial State. Not only is the November face-off in the 8th deemed a toss-up between the two parties, but it also will be among the most hotly contested congressional races nationwide — determining which party controls the U.S. House.
12 Apr, 2022
Fentanyl is poison, and it’s time that Colorado policy makers recognize it as such. Drug dealers are lacing recreational drugs with fentanyl, often unbeknownst to drug users, to get users hooked. If tobacco companies did this, Congress and the Colorado General Assembly would jump to action. The same would be true if drug dealers were lacing drugs with cyanide. Why are we treating fentanyl differently?
12 Apr, 2022
The Colorado Senate on Thursday passed a "wildly out of balance" budget, as the chamber’s majority and minority leaders both called it, but lawmakers pledged it would return to constitutionally required equilibrium in the next legislative phase. The bulk of the imbalance comes from a single $503 million amendment that’s intended to finally pay back what the state owes to K-12 schools. The author of the change also hopes to get more money to teachers. It’s a pledge that has bipartisan support — but nonetheless is poised to evaporate under questions of constitutionality.
By Peter Brissette 14 Mar, 2022
Across the country and state, including communities like Greeley, there is a deadly fentanyl crisis. State and law enforcement officials throughout Colorado are calling on lawmakers to take immediate action to tackle the fentanyl issue as overdose deaths continue to soar. In 2019, lawmakers passed a bill making the possession of 4 grams or less of a schedule I or II controlled substance, including heroin, opium and cocaine, a level 1 drug misdemeanor.
By Peter Brissette 23 Feb, 2022
The deaths of five Commerce City residents, reportedly due to overdoses tied to fentanyl, prompted lawmakers on both sides of the aisle at the state Capitol to call for changes in state law Tuesday, with some calling the law that eased penalties for drug possession a "mistake." "Clearly a mistake was made" to decriminalize possession of up to four grams of fentanyl, and "we need to fix this," said Sen. Barbara Kirkmeyer, R-Brighton.
By Peter Brissette 14 Dec, 2021
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